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Oprah and Richard Simmons hybrid, Holly Atkins is a Host, Creator, Ethical Living Advocate, chronic illness survivor and professional Joy Bringer! Working to make positive feelings and feel good neurochemicals more accessible, she creates mood elevating resources and experiences, like her podcast, HappyChillFunTime, which provides relaxation and a welcome serotonin boost in the form of a calming storytime meditation for grownups.

Having spent over a decade on an extraordinarily unique health journey, Holly found answers by practicing Brain Retraining, which is based on neuroscience and utilizes the principals of neuroplasticity to move the brain and body from fight or flight into rest and repair.

Holly has spent over a decade finding better health and the two things that have made the biggest difference were going Whole Food Plant Based and using the DNRS program.

You can find her @HappyChillFunTime and @TheHollyAtkins on Instagram

And don't forget, she loves you very much!

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